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About iFitness


iFitness is the Central Coast's most advanced exercise physiology clinic offering unique services which cater to people of all different fitness levels, ages and with a variety of health conditions and injuries. iFitness was founded by James Hewitt back in 2007. In addition to running iFitness, James has also worked with professional sporting teams and in major hospitals across the Central Coast and Sydney.


 Why iFitness?


iFitness is the unique combination of high level expertise, years of experience, state of the art equipment and a passion to improve your health. Quite simply, when you trust your health to James, you can relax and know you are in safe hands! As the old saying goes, you can't change what you can't measure, problem is that when it comes to the body, it can be very difficult and expensive to measure certain aspects of health. Therefore, most health professionals will use estimates or indirect measures to base treatment on. At iFitness, we know that your unique and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. Therefore we are not content to just guess with your health and that is why we have invested over $100,000 in acquiring the latest medical devices to measure how your body works so that you get a truly individualised solution.